Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan

You must have heard the name sip at some point. What is SIP or WHAT is SIP?(Systematic Investment Plan) Why should we invest in SIP? What are the benefits of SIP? All these questions will go on in your mind. Sip is very popular as an investment nowadays. Friends, in today’s time, we all want to build wealth by … Read more

What is Bonus Share? Definition of Bonus Share.

What is 'Bonus Share

In the equity market, bonus share is a very popular term. Which we often hear in news. So today in this article we will understand in detail bonus share meaning in Hindi. So let’s get started. What is bonus share? The free shares offered by a company to its existing shareholders are known as bonus shares. … Read more

What is The Meaning of Derivatives in Stock Market?

What is The Meaning of Derivatives in Stock Market?

The derivatives market in India, like the derivatives market abroad, is growing rapidly. Ever since derivatives were introduced in the year 2000, their popularity has increased manifold. This can be seen from the fact that the daily turnover in the derivatives segment on the National Stock Exchange is currently in crores of rupees, which is … Read more

What are Options and What is Options Trading?

What are Options and What is Options Trading

If you want to go beyond stocks, mutual funds or bonds in your portfolio, options Trading can be a good option. Today in this article, we will know what option trading is and how it is done. Options in derivatives trading give you diversification options. And because the risks in the option can be high, you can … Read more

What a Stock Split Is and How It Works, With an Example.

What a Stock Split

In the language of stock market, stock split is a very common term, but what is the meaning of stock split in stock market? If you also want to know this then this article explains in detail the split share meaning in Hindi. There is a unique opportunity in the stock split market that does not … Read more

What is Positional Trading in Stock Market?

What is Positional Trading in Stock Market?

Hello Dear Reader In today’s article, how to do positional trading? Because let us tell you that people take very strong profits through this trading, and it can earn a little better profit than other trading, However, the risk is the same. Our aim is not to lure you in the article, but to convey … Read more

How to Learn Intraday Trading

How to Learn Intraday Trading

Intraday trading refers to the act of buying and selling securities within the same trading day. Shares are not held at night but are squared off before the end of the trading session. This is a unique scope, and a challenge for this. Many people enter intraday trading with a misconception that without any knowledge … Read more

What Is the Nifty 50 ?

The NIFTY 50 is a 50 stock, float-adjusted market-capitalization weighted index for India. It is used for a variety of purposes,

Whenever traders or investors discuss how the market fared on that day, they often use two words, either ‘Nifty50 ‘ or ‘Sensex‘. Both of these are market barometers that are used to judge market performance. In this article, we are going to discuss what nifty 50 is, what is nifty 50, and understand every aspect … Read more