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When it comes to investing in the stock market, most people are seen looking for stock market tips. If you do stock market tips just to find stock tips, then believe me, you have gone on the wrong path.

At the same time, if you do stock market tips to increase your stock market knowledge, to understand the mathematics of the stock market, then you can actually earn money from the stock market.

Today, in this article, I will tell you such great share market tips in Hindi that will help you become a good investor in the stock market. Also, these stock market tips will also protect you from unintentional losses. So friends, stay tuned with this stock market interesting article.

Stock Market Tips

I will tell you different stock market tips that you read point wise and make yourself a great investor.

[1] Learn first.

You must have heard a famous English proverb, “Learn to Earn”. It means first learn and then earn. It is my personal experience that when I started investing in the stock market, I also stepped into it without learning anything and made huge losses. Therefore, it is important to learn before doing anything.

Now it is also true that when we study for 24-25 years to get a job, why not learn something for the stock market as well.

What are these learnings now?

What you are reading is also a learning. You can read books, read blogs or watch good videos to learn the stock market. Whenever you learn and do something, your chances of success are high, while there are very few chances of failure.

[2] Decide whether you are an investor or a trader.

Most people in the stock market are not able to decide whether they are a long-term investor or a trader. In this case, they make wrong decisions and do harm.

Long-term investors in the stock market are those who invest in quality companies for a long time such as 5-10 years. Whereas a trader is a person who trades regularly. These trading are short term trading.

Long-term investing is considered good for those who do a job or business. Because such people lack time. Therefore, if the portfolio is reviewed in 6 months or even a year, then the work goes on.

In the same trading, only those people are successful who become full-time traders. However, there are some exceptions. But trading requires a lot of time. Therefore, these points of stock market tips tell you to first decide whether you are an investor or a trader.

[3] Invest in the same company you understand.

Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor, said: “I don’t invest in a company whose business I don’t understand, no matter how good the company is.”

If you do not understand the business of the company, then you will not be able to value that company easily. It can also make your decision wrong. Therefore, you should only invest in a company whose business you can understand.

Companies such as FMCG, auto sector are easy to understand. At the same time, IT and banking companies are a little difficult to understand.

[4] Don’t buy too many shares at once.

Most of us buy shares of the same company together to become rich quickly. Buying large amounts of shares simultaneously is risky in the same way as lump summing up in a mutual fund. While buying a small amount of shares is as beneficial as investing through SIP.

Buying large amounts of shares together moves our money together. If those shares show a decline after buying our shares, then we will not have money left to average it.

Many discerning investors are able to build a good stock portfolio with low risk using the technique of this stock market tips.

[5] Build a good portfolio

Investing in the stock market is beneficial only when you build a good stock portfolio. You should invest in some good companies in different sectors. Investing in companies in different sectors reduces your risk.

You should not invest in just one or two sectors or one or two companies. This can affect your entire portfolio a lot due to problems in that sector. You should build a balanced portfolio of 15-20 good companies. So that even if there is a problem in one or two companies, your portfolio will not be too down.

[6] Do not buy shares of too many companies.

I have seen many investors who keep stocks up to 50-50 in their portfolio. It is better to have so many stocks that you should buy index funds. In which you do not have to at least track the portfolio.

If you have too many stocks in your portfolio you won’t be able to track them easily. Also, even if a stock performs very well, there will be no special jump in your portfolio.

So you should create a good portfolio of some good companies. You should have a maximum of 25 stocks in your portfolio.

[7] Avoid penny stocks

Many people have such a mindset that only shares from ₹ 1 to ₹ 10 are good. Because if they were cheap in value, they would grow very fast. But in reality it doesn’t happen at all. Rather, such money is manipulated by stock operators in which retail investors suffer losses.

There is a lot of risk in penny stocks. There are a lot of chances of losing money.

For example, MRF Limited’s stock was close to ₹ 1600 in 2009. If some people find these shares expensive even at this price, then today the price of this stock is more than ₹ 94,000. Therefore, never decide on the basis of the share price only that those shares are cheap and expensive.

[8] Control your emotions.

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of stock market investing is to control emotions. Many investors in the market fail to control their emotions while making important decisions. Especially when the market is in bearish condition, most investors make wrong decisions in haste.

The share price is a short-term sentiment that you must overcome. Many investors are influenced by other investors, many by watching the news being shown on television. Therefore, it is very important to control your emotions in the stock market.

You should consider this point as one of the most important share market tips in Hindi.

[9] Understand the risk of the stock market

The next point in stock market tips is that you should understand the risk of the stock market. Stock markets carry the risk of equity markets. Therefore, there can be a lot of risk in the short term here.

You should keep in mind the volatility of the market. Also, it is very important for you to understand your risk tolerance before any trade. Each investor’s risk appetite is different. Therefore, you should invest in the stock market based on your risk appetite.

[10] Do not invest borrowed money in the stock market.

As you read above in stock market tips, there is a lot of risk in the stock market, especially in the short term. So if you invest in the stock market by taking a loan or borrowing from someone or from your emergency fund, then this decision can be wrong. Because the market is quite volatile in the short term.

If your purchased shares go down and you have to return the money, then you will have to sell your stock at a loss. So never make such a mistake. Always invest your leftover money or extra money that you do not need in the future in the stock market.


Investing in the stock market can be a very beneficial deal provided you understand the stock market and then invest. In the stock market, most people earn money by investing for the long term. Whether you take the example of any big investor whether it is Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Warren Buffett or Charlie Mangar. All these investors were value investors who have created their wealth only by investing in quality and good stocks.

Therefore, as far as possible, you should not do intraday or short term trading. However, it depends on the person to person whether he becomes an investor or a trader. But if you lack time, you should definitely not trade.

So friends, today you understood share market tips in Hindi in this article. If you liked this article, please share this article on social media networks and if you have any questions or suggestions, you can tell me through the comment box below.

Thank you..!

FAQ – Share Market Tips

  1. How to make good money in the stock market?The way to earn good income from the stock market is that you should invest in the shares of strong and financially strong companies.
  2. When should you invest in the stock market?By the way, there is no best time to invest money in the stock market. Nevertheless, it is considered good to buy quality shares in times of recession or decline.
  3. What to look for before buying shares?You should get information about the company’s business, financial, management and industry before buying shares.

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